How Has COVID-19 Impacted Healthcare?

After the Black Plague of 1343 and the SARS Pandemic of 1920, the COVID-19 is one of the most critical challenges for the global economy. What started simply as a virus emerged quite big and proved to be fatal for many. Owing to the increase in the number of cases of COVID-19, authorities such as the World Health Organization immediately raised the concern of social distancing. To achieve this, governments of different countries passed on laws to ensure a state of lockdown. There have been many repercussions of this, and we can say that basic healthcare is one of them. COVID-19 was one of the most important reasons why people shifted to consulting with doctors online rather than travelling to a hospital.

The State of Chaos

When COVID-19 first emerged, it was something new and unexpected which is why there was a state of chaos. The doctors were not able to identify the root problem or evaluate the potential ways to repress the virus. More concerning was the fact that there was not much that could be done to avoid the spread of it. As a result, a huge number of deaths were recorded in the state of Wuhan which was the epicentre of the virus. The Chinese government was the first one which imposed a lockdown in the city of Wuhan as well as other parts of China.

The hospitals were filled with patients because the infected number of people rose at a brisk pace. It was further noted that even the common public places were turned into small service centres for dealing with COVID-19. Wuhan was declared as a red zone where all entries and exits were banned. This state of chaos impacted many sectors because all major businesses except essential utility ones were barred from operations. Even though hospitals were operational, it was seen that the healthcare sector was severely impacted throughout the world. Many such hospitals are still in a state of crisis where it is not apparent as to when will this problem end.

How COVID-19 Impacted Healthcare?

There are two main reasons as to why basic and even advanced healthcare facilities are negatively influenced due to COVID-19. The primary reason is that many of the hospitals are working at their full capacity due to the rise in the number of positive cases. As a result, patients who are facing any minor issues are not welcomed at the hospital and often turned away. In Pakistan, this was also seen as the OPDs were often closed in the Hospitals and turned into COVID-19 Wards for the patients.

Therefore, many of the patients could not have their medical checkups and associated issues resolved. The absence of doctors was a key problem that still exists as the pandemic has not fully ended. Moreover, many healthcare experts denied coming to the hospital fearing that they might fall a victim to the COVID-19. The Novel Coronavirus has created a major gap between the patients and the doctors. However, with platforms such as HospitALL, you can consult a specialist and well-certified online doctor in Pakistan easily.

The second reason is from the patients’ side. It is noted that even if a certain person is facing any kind of medical problem or requires consultancy from a doctor, he would prefer not to go to a hospital fearing that he might be infected with COVID-19. Social anxiety is also an indirect outcome that is seen among many people who are practising the different types of social distancing measures, even if it involves their own basic healthcare. However, HospitALL understands all such concerns of the patients and provides a service where you can consult with a doctor online. No longer need to compromise on your basic healthcare facilities when you have a service that provides you expert consultancy online.

Homecare is a Solution.

As long as the pandemic does not end, you must take care of yourselves completely and ensure that you reduce travelling to a hospital if the problem you are facing can be dealt with at your home. HospitALL also offers home care services so that you don't have to come to a place where there are many COVID-19 patients already being treated. In a study, it was found out that 1 in 10 people could be at risk of being infected with COVID-19 if they travel to a hospital. The odds are high, and we wouldn’t suggest you risk the life of yourself or any of your close ones.

Most of the doctors are available for a checkup at home. The best part about the services of HospitALL is that even if the patient is facing COVID-19, the doctors at our panel would have no problems in visiting them at home making sure that all safety standard operating procedures are followed. Moreover, home care is also a great alternative for elderly or pregnant women as it is difficult for them to travel. The homecare facility is also considered to be a great one for those who are facing any physical pains making it inconvenient and uncomfortable to leave their homes and visit a hospital.


COVID-19 is a major problem that has been faced by the whole world. The best we can do is to save ourselves by practising the social distancing SOPs which have been defined by the WHO and other health organizations. There is a high chance that the vaccines will prove successful as they have successfully passed through all trials. Till then, stay at home and don't compromise on any kinds of health problems. For all types of appointment and consultancy services, a house doctor is available 24 / 7. Call now at  +92-322-2555400 or visit the following website to make your appointment

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