The 4 Most Common ENT Problems and how to Combat Them

In the world where we live in now, there has been a rising number of infections leading to more infected people around the globe which could cause serious medical problems to all. There is an increased need for medical care as new viruses are emerging everyday along with old ones mutating into newer forms. This is where HospitALL can come in to help. You can now get a wide array of homecare services to treat these infections and viruses at the comfort of your home. This also means a lower chance of catching any viruses from outsiders due to not needing to go outside to visit doctor to treat your medical problem.


Follow this article to know more about the most common ENT viruses as well as the precautionary measures you can take to avoid them.


What is ENT?

In medical terminology, ENT is short for Ear, Nose, and Throat. These three body parts of a human body are interconnected to each other which is why their treatments are related and performed by one specialist. The ENT doctor is known as an otolaryngologist. ENT specialists most commonly treat different types of disorders. These are hearing issues, speech issues, breathing problems, ear infections, cough, viral allergies, head and neck issues as well as skin disorders. They are specialists for both adults and children. If you want to know more about ENT Specialists, you can always consult an expert ENT on the HospitALL app or website. Additionally, you may contact HospitALL and book an appointment with an ENT specialist on the phone.


Common ENT Diseases

Listed below are a few common diseases and disorders that are caused due to an infection in either of the three vital body organs, ear, nose, or throat.



Tonsillitis is one of the most common throat issues in young children and it can happen to adults as well. It’s, for the most part, caused by the consumption of excessive junk food and candies. Other major causes of it include cold and mono, or strep throat. In cases where tonsillitis is at a basic stage, there is usually a case of bad breath, a change in voice, and a bad throat. If the condition is lead to worsen, tonsillitis leads to severe throat pain and if the tonsils are inflamed for a long period of time, an ENT specialist will probably have to remove them. Swallowing and breathing problems are also common among those with excessively worse tonsillitis. In order to avoid tonsillitis, the right types of antibiotics have to be considered by the patient as well as any types of oily foods. Further treatment can be issued by a doctor.


Ear Infections

The most common ear Infections include hearing loss, balance problems, pain in the ear, ruptured tympanic membrane, and excessive drainage from the ears. There are several symptoms for this as well which include irritability in the ear and fever. This is yet another infection which is commonly seen in the kids because they might insert something in their ear, or could pull and tug the ears of each other. As a result of this, there can be several different types of chronic infections. For normal cases, medicine could work very well. However, if it becomes a major problem, the ENT doctor has to be consulted. They can surgically put small tubes in the ear and remove any object that is blocking the ear and/or causing any kind of infections as well.


Sinus Infections

Sinuses are mainly the cavities that begin from the skull and could surround the eyes and nose. They are mainly affect the vocal resonance. When the cavities are infected with a bacteria and/or fungus, there are added levels of inflamed allergies. Some of the symptoms of a sinus infection include a headache, runny nose, sneezing, bad breath, and pain around the eyes, pain around the nose, toothaches, and coughing. Sinus infections are common in the adults as well. Experts at HospitALL have been treating the different types of Sinus Infections. If you are facing any kinds of sinus infections, contact HospitALL today to get an ENT that is both well reputable and in your area.


Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that arises when there is toughness in breathing. There are different types of causes of sleep apnea, one of which is being overweight. It also occurs if there is an inflamed tonsil condition and/ or having a naturally shorter airway than the actual airway size. Snoring is a key symptom of a sleep apnea. If it gets worse, it can lead to gasping. Those who have sleep apnea wake up and still feel unrested along with having headaches quite often. Depression and fatigue are also two of the mental issues that can occur due to sleep apnea.


Where HospitALL comes in

There are different types of ENT problems that have been mentioned above. If these conditions are not treated before they get worse, there could be major implications for the patients. Diseases like sleep apnea could lead to heart failure and mood swings if it is left untreated.


At HospitALL, some of the best ENT specialists are present. Booking an appointment has never been easier. You can avail HospitALL’s services and book an appointment by calling +92-322-2555400 or +92-322-2555600 or book an appointment via the official website There are different types of ENT specialists in Lahore available for home care services too.



ENT problems should not be neglected as they create bigger problems if done so. It is our recommendation that you take precautionary measures and try to avoid taking any cold items or oily items if you are facing any of the different types of ear infections. In case you are going through some related problem, it is always advised to stay in distance of others so you do not spread it out to those around you. In rare cases, ENT infections can also be viral.

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