Why Shoulder Pain at Work?

It is very fascinating that with modern culture, today we can connect with the world while just sitting in one place. What not so fascinating happens when the pain starts to interfere with our daily lives? Whether is it prolonged standing, working at a desk, driving a car, or sitting in front of a television, we are continuously putting stress on our neck and shoulder muscles. If I could blame only one culprit for all this, I would blame “poor posture”.

Many of us have jobs that involve us to look down or have a bent-over posture for hours, causing unnecessary pressure on neck and shoulder muscles, thus causing muscle fatigue and pain. Unfortunately, we keep avoiding our poor posture until it starts to cause trouble in our work. It’s definitely not fun or comfortable having shoulder problems. The shoulder is indeed a complex joint, because of which we are able to do so much with our arms but it’s also the reason that we suffer from many shoulder issues.

Along with awkward posture, work-related shoulder pain can also be caused by static loading, keeping arms above shoulder level, and mechanical contact stress of typing. Sedentary work environments and poor work habits weaken our muscles and start the pain.

The good thing is that we can always adjust our ergonomics of the workplace and avoid even the slightest pain. Starting with developing a better posture, sitting properly at desks with a full back, arm, and foot support, avoiding slouch posture and adjusting seats and computer monitors, we can minimize the risks of having shoulder pain and also any shoulder injury. If you are working long hours, always take a break and clear your mind from all the stress.

Posture care is very important. It not affect your health, but also your work productivity. Sit correctly to avoid discomfort and complications.


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