5 Tips to Effectively Take Care of Your Skin

It may be daunting to find ways to take care of the skin as there is so much information plastered across the internet making it overwhelming and confusing to find healthy and safe tips that will work. So in this article, you will find 5 great tips, that will work on most if not all people, to get clear and healthy skin with one bonus tip especially for women. 

If you find that none of these tips work for you or want to be sure as to what you are doing to your skin is safe, then make sure to read until the end to see how you can connect and make an appointment with the best skin specialists/dermatologists in Lahore. 

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is possibly the best way to not only solve any skin problems and to maintain clear skin, but to also improve physical health. Here are some important ways to do so:

Diet - consuming foods such as fresh fruits, greens, and food items with enough protein and vitamins. A diet particularly abundant in vitamin c and low in fats and sugar helps increase radiant skin. Eating too much spicy, fried and/or salty food and citrus fruits has a likelihood of damaging the skin. 

Exercising - this will not only improve physical health, but it will also accelerate the cleansing process within the whole body and bring a noticeable glow to the skin. 

Water - drinking large amounts of water, about 8 glasses, is often used as a huge factor for a lot of people’s perfect/clear skin and this is for good reason. It releases toxins from the body improving skin complexion and combats serious problems like eczema. 

Sleep - it is imperative to try and sleep 8 hours a night. The skin will feel fatigued with a lack of sleep causing the skin to sag creating bags under eyes. 

Sun Protection For The Skin 

Applying sunscreen, at least with an SPF of 15, is important as too much sun exposure may result in wrinkles, sunburn, age spots, and other problems. The label on it should also say ‘non-comedogenic’ so that the pores within the skin aren’t blocked. It is advised that even in cloudy or cold weather, sunscreen should not be skipped. If the surroundings include sand or snow, then make sure that the SPF is 30 or above and to apply 15 minutes before going outside. 

Avoid Stress

Taking too much stress can negatively affect the skin and this is evident when there tend to be more breakouts in this state. Stress makes the body create hormones such as cortisol, and others, making the skin oily. Taking time out to relax and cool down is needed so that this does not happen. Finding a healthy way or ways to destress is important. Some effective stress-relieving activities include breathing exercises, meditation, exercising, going on a walk, and yoga though there are many different ways a person can cope with their stress. 

Using Natural Remedies 

There are many natural options a person can use to improve their skin. 

Turmeric - consuming turmeric, in any form i.e supplement or as itself, is one. It has become very popular in recent times as it brings many benefits. Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic attributes and has been found to decrease signs of aging and sun damage; additionally, it may also increase tissue healing and lower oxidation. 

Aloe vera - applying aloe vera is another natural option to help with the skin. It not only is good for helping with sunburns, but it can also treat conditions like eczema, cold sores, fight against acne while hydrating dry the skin, lighten blemishes and reduce signs of aging.

Antioxidants - having antioxidants within a diet, which is rich in food like fish, berries, tomatoes, and avocados which help the skin fight against damage caused by exposure from the sun, aging, and pollution.

Maintaining A Good Daily Skincare Routine 

Skincare routines are seen as the primary and most proactive way to make sure one’s skin improves and stays that way. A good skincare routine has these 4 key components: cleansing, serum(s), moisturizer, and sunscreen. 

Cleansing - this is done by applying a cleanser on the face’s skin to remove any dead skin cells, dirt, oil, makeup is applied, and any other pollutants helping to prevent skin conditions, like acne, while also unclogging pores. 

Serum - using a serum with vitamin c, peptides, or growth factors is best to use in the morning; it helps reverse cell damage potentially fading brown spots and pigmentation while a retinol serum is most effective at night smoothing wrinkles and brightening the skin. 

Moisturizer - a moisturizer that is lightweight, gel-based, and non-comedogenic, is integral to fix and stop dry skin. 

Sunscreen - it is very important to make sunscreen a part of your skincare routine, see point number 2 as to why this is. 

Bonus Tip - Always Wash Your Makeup Off

It is practically the golden rule to wash any makeup on the skin off before sleeping. The skin needs to rest and breathe throughout the night and makeup will stop that because leaving it on will clog the pores and can cause blemishes and/or blackheads. Even if a makeup remover is not on hand, pour olive oil on a cotton pad and use this to carefully wipe off any dirt and makeup on the face. 

Visiting a Dermatologist or Skin Specialist 

If these tips do not work, are not so effective on your skin, or you are unsure about what products to use then the next step may be to visit a reliable skin specialist. To find affordable and the best dermatologists in Lahore within your area, you may download the CareALL app on the Android Playstore or use the website to book an appointment. There is a wide array of skin specialists prepared to provide quality care with respected reputations, years of experience, and many qualifications.


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