Common Heart Problems and Ways to Stay Away from Them

When we talk about heart diseases, we don't talk about one particular problem but there can be several different problems you might be facing in terms of heart disease. In order to save yourself from all such problems, one must be actively taking precautionary measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle essential for the smooth functioning of the heart. It is also important to have the diagnosis at the right time so that a suitable treatment plan is designed before the problem further aggravates.


Angina is a heart problem but usually not as severe as a heart attack. In most cases, Angina is not life-threatening to the human body. Pain or discomfort occurred in the chest most commonly but also in the neck, stomach, or jaws when one or more arteries in the human body are becoming narrowed. This could be leading to clogging as well as the restricting of blood supply. Common symptoms of Angina attack include sweating, unable to breathe properly, and unexplained pain in the chest.

Angina is of two types of namely Stable Angina and Unstable Angina. Once a person starts to have Angina Attacks in the form of chest pains, they usually get used to it. The discomfort gets predictable and manageable. Mostly it is caused when a person is running or dealing with stress. This is called a Stable Angina where the affected one is able to manage it.  On the other hand, the Unstable Angina is a condition which may occur when a person has sudden chest pains that are severe and indicate that there is a serious case of restricted blood flow. The Unstable Angina episodes may last for up to 10 minutes. It is advised that one should immediately consult a heart specialist. At HospitALL, some of the well-known heart specialists are providing consultancies and appointments to the patients on a priority basis.

Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary Heart Diseases are one of the most common ones and usually occur in the elderly. In this problem, the blood vessels are narrowed down to an extent that they cannot supply an adequate amount of blood to the heart properly. In light cases, it could lead to angina. However, if the blood vessels fully choke making no way to supply blood to the heart, one may even face a heart attack depending upon the type of vein and sensitivity of the blood arteries.

Valve disease

Pulmonary Valve Disease is not very common in a healthy human being unless he or she is too old. This type of problem occurs when there is excessive strain on the heart muscles by the valves of your heart. It usually occurs when the valves are not functioning in their efficient manner causing excessive stress to the heart. Symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, and in a few cases, swollen ankles were also there.

Heart Attack

The scariest of all these problems yet one of the most treatable ones is the case of a Heart Attack. In medical terms, it is known as myocardial infarction. This usually happens after a person has been facing Coronary Heart Disease for a long time which has led to the bloody supply of a muscle being completely blocked. The most common cause of a heart attack as identified by the doctors is that due to fat breaking off, there is a blood clot that forms in the coronary artery which can cause damage to the entire artery. There are certain medications which are prescribed to people with prevailing heart conditions. In worst-case scenarios, an immediate angiography is usually performed.

Congenital Heart Conditions

One of the very horrifying problems which is usually found out among newborns is the Congenital Heart Problem. This occurs when there is some abnormality with the baby’s heart which is why it may not be functioning properly. This happens when the fetus developing inside the mother’s womb has not developed in the right manner. In the majority of the cases, babies may not survive these conditions. Many doctors avoid operating the delicate heart of these babies due to the high risks involved. A common Congenital Heart Problem occurs in the case of a closed valve.

How to Stay Away?

In a few types of research, it was found out that people who tend to eat more fatty foods have a higher risk of developing heart problems because there is an increased chance of fat creating a blockage in the coronary artery. The best thing to do is to minimize saturated fats content mostly found in fast food such as Burgers and Pizzas.

In case you are smoking, stop it right away.  In case you are exposed to someone else’s smoke, you should get away. Smoking is considered as one of the most emerging reasons leading to different heart problems.

Sufficient physical activity on a daily basis may prevent any fats to be broken down thereby reducing any potential threat of a heart attack.

People who eat spicy food are those who are most likely to face the heart problems. Salt usage should be minimized to a normal extent because a higher salt content leads to high blood pressure in the human body as well.

Sugar Management is also an important factor because people may develop diabetes over time which could be a cause for heart problems.

Best Heart Specialists

The above-mentioned information may sound scary but there is no need to worry if you are following a pattern of a healthy lifestyle with a minimum intake of foods that might cause heart problems. If you are looking for the best heart specialists, you should consider HospitALL as there are certain highly qualified heart specialists on board. For all types of appointment and consultancy services, a house doctor is available 24 / 7. Call now at  +92-322-2555400 or visit the following website to make your appointment

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