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Prof. Dr. Syed Imran Hussain Andrabi

MBBS, FCPS, FRCS (Ireland), Intercollegiate Specialty Board Certified FRCS in General Surgery,

General Surgeon, Thyroid Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Hernia Surgeon, Cancer Surgeon, Breast Surgeon

Jail Road Shadman II Lahore

Monday to Saturday 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

  • Male
  • 24 Years Experience
  • Rs.3000

What is Surgery for Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused when pressure is formed on the median nerve. The Carpal tunnel is a narrow path made of bones and ligament. The median nerve passes through the narrow path. Due to swelling in the wrist, the narrow tunnel gets squeezed thus affecting the median nerve which further causes the symptoms.

Types of surgeries

There are two types of carpal tunnel surgeries.

  • Open surgery involves a larger incision ranging up to 2cm from wrist to palm.
  • Endoscopic surgery involves one cut in the wrist and another in the arm. The cuts are smaller by about half an inch. A camera is inserted which guides the surgeon to cut the ligament.

As the cuts are smaller, endoscopic surgery heals faster. Your doctor can recommend the best option for you.