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Dr. Azam Khan


Sports Physician

115-G Commercial Phase 1, DHA, Lahore

Monday to Saturday 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

  • Male
  • 14 Years Experience
  • Rs.2000

Dr. Abeera Kaleem

Physiotherapist/ Sports Therapist

115-G Commercial Phase 1, DHA, Lahore

Monday to Saturday 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

  • Female
  • 14 Years Experience
  • Rs.2000

About Sports Physician 

A sports physician is a doctor who has specialist training in managing musculoskeletal injuries and diseases in order for their patient to function at the max, reduce any chance of disability, and to minimize time away from the patient’s school, place of work, and/or sport. They are more suited to give extensive medical care to athletes, sports teams, or even simply active patients who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sports physicians who only provide non-surgical sports medicine are called sports medicine physicians and they are team physicians at youth level, in professional sports teams like in the NFL, NBA, MLB, all professional football (soccer) teams in every country, and even olympic teams. To become a sports physician, doctors have to have a minimum of 7 years training after medical school to become a certified sports physician. 

What They Can Do

Sports physicians perform non-operative treatment on their patients but 90% of musculoskeletal injuries are non-surgical. Physicians can help maximize and create the next non-operative treatment and guide their patients to the right rehab programs and therapies and if needed, refer to their surgical colleagues. Physicians take more training to treat problems like concussions and other head injuries, use the right tools including use of ultrasound, treating athletes who have acute or chronic diseases such as asthma or diabetes, recommend the best nutrition, supplements, and anything else for performance optimization, assign the right workout routine/exercises so that the patient can increase their fitness and help with preventative health, prevent injury, advise whether it is okay to return to playing sport, and they also promote a healthy lifestyle. 


There aren’t types of sports physicians but rather they’re differentiated with how qualified and experienced they are. 

Appointment Booking 

You can book an instant appointment with the best sport physicians in your area on the HospitALL website. You can also call our CareALL helpline. Our dedicated CareALL staff is always there to help you. 


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