General Principles of a Healthy Diet

If we all apply a certain set of rules for our nutritional values and diet management, many of the medical issues that we face will diminish right away. It is also quite useful for our everyday lives. By applying the principles of a healthy diet and spreading awareness on nutritional values, together we can bring a change and ensure that we fight all the tough diseases with an improved immune system. Here are some general principles of a healthy diet which you can follow in your everyday lives.

Go Natural

A key aspect of following a healthy diet is that you should go natural. Going natural means to reduce the consumption of processed and cooked food while taking more raw and natural items in your diet. For example, comparing a boiled potato with a fully cooked potato, a boiled one is much better. When consuming vegetables, do balance out your everyday routine by taking more of the boiled vegetables. This will help in retaining the nutritional values and ensuring that the vitamin content is saved. When you cook vegetables, much of the nutritional content is wasted which makes them relatively unhealthy for you.

In addition to that, make fruits an important part of your everyday diet. Take some fruits after every meal as they are high in fibre content, contain healthy fats, and multiple vitamins as well which could ensure a healthy diet management. Moreover, never miss out on breakfast as it is a key principle of a healthy diet. People who habitually skip their breakfast tend to have a drop in their overall immune system that has negative effects on their physical health in the long term.

Cut Down Saturated Fat

Some fats are healthy for the body, but saturated fats are a very major health hazard. There is a high risk of heart strokes, cholesterol problems, weight issues, and other medical concerns for a person who takes a high saturated fat content. Saturated fat is usually found in processed foods, lard, biscuits, hard cheese, butter, sausages, pies, and fatty cuts of meat.

Men should not have more than 30 grams of saturated fat in a day while women should not have more than 20 grams. Expert nutritionist at HospitALL recommends that you take unsaturated fats which includes vegetable oils, fish, and avocados to balance out your fat requirements. Also, make sure when you are buying meat for yourself, try getting the excessive fat cut out. You can also reduce the content of saturated fat by reducing the butter or jam spread on your bread.

Balancing Sugar Content

Sugar is one of the most used content in everyday items. Moreover, there is an unhealthy amount of carbonated drinks. One can of Pepsi cola drink contains 27 grams of sugar while the maximum amount to be consumed per day is 32 grams. A drawback of not balancing your sugar content is an increase in weight as well as possible problems of tooth decay.

A healthy tip is to limit the consumption of white processed sugar right away and keep it to the minimum levels. Avoid packaged foods because they contain unreasonably high amounts of sugar. Instead, go for the brown sugar which is unprocessed and is not as harmful as the white one. For more advice on cutting sugar content and getting personalized diet plans, connect with HospitALL today having the expert nutritionist on board.

 Eat Less Salt

If you are habitually consuming high salt and very spicy foods, there are major drawbacks and risks to a healthy lifestyle. By consuming more salt, chances of a heart stroke are increased while a more common problem is high blood pressure. This happens due to the high sodium content present in salt. The drawback of taking spicy foods is that they may lead to stomach ulcers.

Experts recommend that you should not take more than 6 grams of salt per day. Even without adding salt to food, there is a significant proportion of the food content in its original form. If you are buying any processed food, try to get the one that has a salt content of lower than 1.6 grams. If you want a daily diet plan with reduced salt content, make an appointment with the nutritionist at HospitALL who can devise a customized diet plan as per your daily needs and requirements.

Drink Water

This may seem like a normal thing to do but drinking enough water every day is essential for a healthy diet. For men, it is recommended that 3.7 litres of water should be drunk every day and for women, it is 2.7 litres. The variance is generally due to the difference in metabolism of both and the difference in physical activities of both.

Drink water before starting your meal and during your meal. Drinking water after you have finished eating or right before you go to bed is a very unhealthy habit so avoid that at all costs. If you stay hydrated, it will be beneficial for your kidneys and improve your skin as well.

Best Nutritionist in Lahore

Everyone wants to live a healthy life but there are only a few who are actively focused on taking steps to ensure they do live a healthy life. Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will surely not face any problems related to poor nutrition such as gastro, risk of heart strokes, stomach aches, food poisoning, cholesterol, and others.

If you are searching for the best nutritionist in Lahore, you would be glad to know that we have Dr Sahar Chawla, an expert nutritionist with over 10 years of experience. She can cater to all the diet problems and can devise customized plans for balancing your every day dietary requirements. If you want to get yours, you can contact her via HospitALL by making an appointment or dialling the following number 0322-2555600. We also offer home care services for all including the COVID-19 patients.

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