Ways In Which Bad Posture Causes You Back Pain

In the 21st century, technology has taken over. People all over the world use laptops and computers for work and entertainment purposes. An average human spends approximately 11 hours using these electronic devices. However, he/she along with the rest of the users does this in such a cramped position that back pain becomes inevitable.

The people are so involved in their jobs that they do not realize how much bad posture can harm them.

Bad posture can be caused by uncomfortable chairs, slouching often, or even not sitting straight on the office chairs. It further leads to back pain that is worse at certain times of the week. A lot of times, the pain starts in the neck and moves downwards into the upper and lower back.

It is crucial that anyone using these computers keeps exercising his or her neck and stretches during breaks. In some cases, back pain usually goes away by changing positions while sitting or standing. At other times, the pain stays and goes for many months.

Hunchback is another serious cause of back pain. Slouching causes the chest muscles to tighten leading to an excessively curved back in the upper back thoracic region and the patients might experience extreme pain at times. In this sluggish position, the intestines get folded up as well and sometimes, prolonged sitting can slow down the blood flow.

Tips for Supportive Posture

Standing and walking straight along with doing yoga and other small exercises become necessary to cure this and will help the body start running better again.

Walk Properly

Walking properly is very crucial. While walking, look straight and keep your head balanced above your spine. Your spine should be straight and shoulder relaxed.

Sit with Support

While sitting and working on a chair, sit straight. Keep your back flush with the back of the chair. Your arms should be flexed at a 75 to 90-degree angle. Your feet should be flat on the floor.

Lift Correctly

Posture gets affected by lifting incorrectly. You can hurt your back while lifting. Improper lifting can cause severe injury to muscles, disk and joints. In severe cases can also cause muscle tearing. Having a bad posture can affect your back.

Consulting a doctor

If you feel persistent pain in your neck, back and joints, this is an indicator of severe underlying issues. You should consult the doctor for its cure. An orthopedic doctor can give a complete evaluation and treat you accordingly.

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